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The data model is actually based on the characteristics of the data itself, whether it is our main data, or our international top ten subject areas. The second is to develop for our business needs. The data has a scene, so different charts , different tables, and its application in the actual process are different.

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In each case, for different reporting of leaders, different processing methods are selected for different applications of the business, and such data analysis is a quick analysis. The value of heavy quality requires scenes to connect. We can see from this picture that the value of the connection needs to be decided by the decision layer, the IT layer, and the service layer.

So what are the data scenarios that the decision-making layer generally faces? The solution is to automate the data, fix the required data, automatically change it according to the monthly changes, and then do not need so much manpower to repeat the work every month. We can automatically push abnormal data or key data according to the personal habits of the decision-making layer, for example, through the mobile terminal prompt of the data dashboard.

For decision makers, Amoeba Management can be used to save manpower. For the business layer, the focus is on people and things. With regard to the growth of staff, we take an active and passive approach to empowering our business and promoting personal development.

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For things, we want the data to meet more business scenarios like the picture below. Many times, the decision-making layer believes that the IT department staff only needs to continuously optimize and upgrade the existing business, but in fact, more importantly, the IT layer can solve the urgent needs of the business layer. To conclude, the ultimate goal is that our decision makers do not simply listen to the report or look at the PPT, but use the data to support his decision, so that his decision can enhance his management.

For the business layer, we not only respond to the demands of the leaders, but we also need to think about how to use the data to promote business transformation. For IT layer, they need to be integrated with the business, from communication to guidance, rather than confrontation, in this way to improve data quality. And next time I will talk to you about how to shorten the distance between data and value.

Any question, you can put it here. Welcome for communication. Guide to Financial Statement Analysis for Beginners.

Sign in. Get started. Lewis Chou Follow. Or have a family member or close friend monitor your filler words and bring your attention to them with a clap or snap.

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To practice, set up a video to record, and talk about what you did from the beginning to the end of the day. Practice using pauses instead of filler words as you recall the events. Nerves are one of the biggest reasons people overuse vocal fillers. So practice. On average, the optimal ratio of preparation to performance is one hour of practice for every minute of presentation, but at the very least, Dr. Trey Guinn , one of our communication experts, recommends speakers get in at least three full runs before stepping in front of an audience.

Used sparingly and effectively, filler words can make you more relatable to your audience, give you time to catch your breath, and emphasize key points. But when they become crutch words, used out of nervousness or lack of preparation, they hurt your credibility. As you prepare for your next presentation, identify the words you lean on most, and train yourself to avoid them.

Quantified Communications works globally with leaders of corporations, government organizations, higher education institutions, sales teams, nonprofits, and hundreds of TED speakers. Noah Zandan. To eliminate filler words, understand the role they play in your speech. Want to see the other articles in this list?

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