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The EEA's Real Estate playbook lists eight different uses for blockchain, including property identification including listings and data ; token-enabled marketplaces; token securitization; public registries detailing ownership of properties; and sales process optimization.


Along with creating a real estate exchange, blockchain has been used as a platform for conventional real estate sales. For example, New York-based ShelterZoom plans to go live this year with a platform that enables sellers and buyers to make offers over an Ethereum blockchain.

Another start-up, Jointer. Unlike other services, it doesn't offer one property as shares that can be purchased. It offers a number of buildings in an index , and participants can buy tokens from that index.

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The real estate market is highly liquid, meaning property can be bought or sold relatively quickly with little to no loss in value. But the ability to play in that marketplace has mostly been reserved for a small number of wealthy investors, Don argued. And, it's a complex system because of the need for a middleman a bank and others to enable transaction clearance and settlement. So on one hand, by applying blockchain technology, you can enable anyone to invest because the costs to do it are so much lower, and it enables fractionalized ownership," Don said, referring to the absence of banking fees.

You can do that today through an investment company, but blockchain allows anyone to sell anytime. You can sell your share on a secondary market," Don said. We've already launched a decentralized exchange for real estate tokens. The ability to purchase a fraction of a piece of property is not new. REITs are owned and operated by shareholders who invest in commercial properties such as office and apartment buildings, shopping centers and hotels.

Diane Kennedy

They can choose to invest in a specific property at a specific address in New York, Amsterdam and Zurich and build up their own customized, flexible and diversified real estate portfolio of which they are in control. While Don describes his company's Ethereum-based marketplace as a public or open blockchain, in reality it fits the definition of a private blockchain in that it's governed or administered by a central authority of users who whitelist those who can participate by first authenticating their identities.

Once cleared, their personally identifiable information is encrypted and stored in a cryptowallet , a piece of software that keeps track of the secret keys used to digitally sign blockchain transactions. During the blockchain onboarding process, potential users are automatically asked questions and required to submit proof of identity such as a copy of a passport through a business automation application known as a "smart contract" that is intended to satisfy know-your-customer and anti-money laundering regulations, Don said.

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Those who complete the onboarding process have their cryptowallets whitelisted for blockchain transactions. A tokenized property showing where it exists on a blockchain, its token identifier and the smart contract controlling its distribution.

But more importantly, I'm also allowed to trade these tokens on a secondary market," Don said. You can program smart contracts so you stick to these laws and regulations.