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Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University. This engraving exemplifies the violence suffered by animals and metaphorically that of women traditionally associated with animals, and often legally battered.

Romanticism: background, main features, Romantic authors from

The man of feeling rejected brutal treatment of women and respected them. Physical harassment of women in public was now no longer acceptable. Illustration, The Mysteries of Udolpho, Vol. Sentimental heroes opposed gambling, oaths, drinking, idleness, cruelty to animals, and other elements of male popular culture. In other words the heroism of the heart was celebrated over the heroism of martial or political prowess Henry Brooke.

What Is The Romantic Era?

He modified the classical ideal of the stoic to achieve a new combination of toughness and tenderness. Moreover Smith emphasized that sensibility to the feelings of others was compatible with the manhood of self-command. The physical conflict in relations between men was substituted by reserve and mutual consideration.

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However it also caused many fears and tensions see below: "effeminacy wariness". This new praise of a sensitive man did not go without many tensions, ambivalence, and words of caution. Indeed men should not be identified with women. The tension between the prized refinement in men and the wish to reconcile it with manliness permeated the 18th century novel. Thus we can find many warnings throughout literary works.

This latter along with education were regarded as important contributors to masculinity. Women were naturally soft and without reason, men naturally harder, natural roughness and reasonable strong reason. Too much goodness or effeminacy was also believed to unfit a man to bear poverty or adversity. Indeed, to pursue passions luxury, fortune and to be victimized by them was traditionally seen as female. A common analogy was often held up to support this view: the historical lesson of the decadence and fall of Rome, from virtuous republic to luxurious empire tyranny imperial ambition, corruption of courtly manners, and the degenerative effects of luxury, all leading ultimately to effeminacy.

In the late 18th century, reformers started to intervene in childrearing in order to make little boys tougher. Likewise, Thomas Day believed that boys should be educated to be more toughminded, for the defense of liberty and male bravery. There was a widespread reaction and anxiety to the triumph of sensibility, which reached a climax at the end of the s Barker-Benfield.

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To conclude, I just wanted to mention the critique on sensibility by women especially the debate that took place between Mary Wollestonecraft and Anna Barbauld. They were also ascribed a civilizing role. Johnson rose against this deification of sensibility in women. On the other hand, she values what she terms " the real beauty of sensibility " i. This distinction between those two types of sensibility is central in Wollstonecraft's line of reasoning.

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It is unfortunately often overlooked or mistakenly interpreted as a downright rejection She contended that this emphasis on sentiment at the expense of reason, instead of helping women participate in society, harmed their development and created dependence on men. She showed how bad moral conduct, selfishness, and hypocrisy could be concealed behind the veneer of sensibility Byrne.

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Political Romantics of Elizabeth Cady Stanton Essay

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1. The Primacy of the Aesthetic

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