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Transport processes in pharmaceutical systems. Transport Processes in Pharmaceutical Systems. Transport Processes in Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Organisms. Unit operations for the food industries. Nonlinear ordinary differential equations in transport processes. Mathematical theory of transport processes in gases.

Recommend Documents. Unit Operations and Processes in Environmental Engineering Knox David A.

Rotary Kilns, Second Edition: Transport Phenomena and Transport Processes

Sabati n i Larry W. Canter Library of Congress Cata Unit Operations in Chemical Engineering Your name. Close Send. Remember me Forgot password? Particulate Flow Behavior in Rotary Kilns 4. Particulate Flow Model in Rotary Kilns 4. Model Results and Validation 4. Application of the Flow Model 5. Mixing and Segregation 5. Bed Segregation Model 5. The Governing Equations for Segregation 5.


Boundary Conditions 5. Solution of the Segregation Equation 5. Numerical Solution of the Governing Equations 5.

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Validation of the Segregation Model 5. Application of Segregation Model 6. Combustion and Flame 6.

Combustion 6. Mole and Mass Fractions 6. Combustion Chemistry 6. Practical Stoichiometry 6.

Rotary kilns : transport phenomena and transport processes

Adiabatic Flame Temperature 6. Types of Fuels Used in Rotary Kilns 6. Coal Types, Ranking, and Analysis 6. Petroleum Coke Combustion 6. Scrap Tire Combustion 6. Pulverized Fuel Delivery and Firing Systems 6.

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Estimation of Combustion Air Requirement 6. Reaction Kinetics of Carbon Particles 6.

Rotary Kilns, Second Edition Transport Phenomena and Transport Processes

Fuel Oil Firing 6. Combustion Modeling 6. Emissions Modeling 6. Freeboard Heat Transfer 7. Overview of Heat Transfer Mechanisms 7. Conduction Heat Transfer 7. Convection Heat Transfer 7. Conduction—Convection Problems 7. Shell Losses 7. Refractory Lining Materials 7. Heat Conduction in Rotary Kiln Wall 7. Radiation Heat Transfer 7. Radiation Shape Factors 7. Radiation Exchange between Multiple Gray Surfaces 7.

Radiative Effect of Combustion Gases 7. Effective Thermal Conductivity of Packed Beds 8. Thermal Modeling of Rotary Kiln Processes 8.

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Description of the Thermal Model 8. Two-Dimensional Thermal Model for the Bed 8.

Solution Procedure 8. Model Results and Application 8. Mass and Energy Balance 9. Chemical Thermodynamics 9. Gibbs Free Energy and Entropy 9. Global Heat and Material Balance 9. Thermal Module for Chemically Reactive System 9. Mass Balance Inputs 9. Chemical Compositions 9. Energy Balance Inputs 9. Site Survey—Measured Variables 9. Shell Heat Loss Calculations 9. Calcination Module Calculation 9. Combustion 9.

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Energy Balance Module 9. Sensible Energy for Output Streams Rotary Kiln Minerals Process Applications Lime Making Limestone Dissociation Calcination The Rotary Lime Kiln The Cement-Making Process The Cement Process Chemistry Rotary Cement Kiln Energy Usage Introduction The Rotary Calcining Integrated System Direct-Fired Kiln Characteristics Mass Balance