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When de jure segregation ended following the Brown v. Board decision, it was seen as a big win for civil rights. But segregation written into laws is much worse than races dividing themselves because of the laws of nature, or the fundamental building blocks our society was built on, right? The only reason there was a push against de jure segregation is because it was easy to find the culprit who made it possible: the government. Who is to blame for de facto segregation?

Society as a whole? Malcolm X was one of the first to see this problem. Although the South is still segregated and overwhelmingly voted for Trump in the election, southern students are statistically more integrated than Northern states who led the push for desegregation in schools. The same South is routinely accused of being complicit to outright racism by white progressives.

If you want to help, address the real problems in our community, and fix them before criticizing others for their prevailing issues. If everyone plays the blame game, what could realistically get done? We must focus on truly advancing equality of opportunity, rather than continuing to create programs that cater to the wealthy and ignore students living in poverty.

Sachio Goodie Editor-in-chief. Photo by Catherine Wang. While the parties and their favored policies shifted between reconstruction and the civil rights era, Georgia state politics have been conservative since it was a colony. Hopes for a Democratic leader lay in the hands of liberal strongholds such as the metro Atlanta area.

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One of these strongholds, Dekalb County, happens to be the home of the Democratic gubernatorial candidate. She would be the first African-American female governor in history. Her identity is not the only reason for the broad support Abrams has. Her backstory and speeches have inspired a blue wave of supporters. My mom called us gentile poor; we had no money, but we watched PBS, and we read books. The guard comes out and he looks at me, and he looks at my parents.

Abrams confessed that she was ready to leave.

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Because my parents needed me to understand in that moment that no one gets to determine your humanity but you. We will open those gates wide when I become the governor of Georgia so no one ever doubts that they belong! The two Georgia gubernatorial candidates have conflicting opinions on important issues like civil rights, economic issues, education, gun control, and healthcare. Because of her substantial platform in these areas, BluePrints Magazine has endorsed Abrams. She supports the LGBT community and anti-discrimination laws that will advance protections for all workers.

Abrams is fighting for common sense gun control, and she has a plan to generate thousands of long term jobs that support a living wage. She intends to protect public schools from privatization and wants to strengthen debt free pathways to higher education for students.

Like Abrams, Kemp also supports small businesses. He plans to do so by cutting bothersome regulations. He also plans to strengthen rural. In the past, Abrams has fought legislation that would permit discrimination. She voted against House Bill , a bill that would have allowed taxpayer funded groups to deny services to members of the LGBT community. Abrams also co-sponsored HB to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation within state agencies. Kemp would support a religious freedom and restoration bill that would permit businesses to deny healthcare coverage for contraception or to discriminate against gay couples.

Kemp supports the construction of a border wall, wants to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, cut off benefits for illegal immigrants, and defund sanctuary cities. Many of our students depend on programs such as DACA, and there are many Republican endorsed bills that could negatively affect our students. As Secretary of State, Kemp is overseeing his own election, and accusations of voter suppression are rampant.

There are 1. Abrams previously founded the non-profit New Georgia Project to help young people register to vote. Between and alone, this organization registered over , voters of color.

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Abrams also helped restore over 33, illegally canceled voter applications. Many may argue that Abrams is also acting in her own self and political interests, as the majority of the voters she helped register are likely to vote Democrat. Kemp is attempting to earn a majority of votes from a minority of voters. Meanwhile, Abrams is trying to make Georgia responsive to its changing population. Kemp only has four bulleted issues on his website, and the information there is not substantive.

In attempting to illustrate how he will reduce regulations on small businesses, he merely links to a Gainesville Times article about his populist rhetoric. A man who cannot even explain his own issues does not deserve the title of Georgia governor. In contrast, Abrams has a clear message of what she will do as governor, and her previous record shows that she will keep her promises.

He may have his four point plan, but Abrams is the only candidate who will actually put Georgians first. Supports charter schools and privatization of schools Wants to improve rural education Believes local communities should decide how to handle environmental issues Wants to reduce regulations on businesses Supports the second amendment Opposes gun control.

Even before the store opens, the Shells are looking beyond the East side. It will be a big milestone for me. I plan on growing the business even more. Shell formerly attended Athens Christian School until eighth grade before coming to public school on the East side. The band was fun too.

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When children move into high school, parents often worry about how they will balance academics, more independence, and more after-school activities. For Beau, juggling a business as well as school responsibilities can be challenging, especially for a freshman. I think Beau going to Cedar will impact his business in a positive way.

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Margaret Morgan, math department. The entrepreneurship that Beau has honed through his ice cream business has taught him how to be a better student, too.

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For his eighth birthday Beau asked for an ice cream cart. He liked the. Beau Shell receiving the U. Photo courtesy Vicki Shell. Beau will soon open his own ice cream shop right down the road from Cedar in the Ansonborough Shopping Center. Shell plans to continue booking his ice cream truck and catering events after the opening. Cool World will also be making homemade ice cream sandwiches which will be an adjustment from the pre-bought items he currently sells. He also got approved under the Department of Agriculture, which will allow him to make his own ice cream.

He does not want to let his supporters down. The new store will help him become more of a manager. I think that starting a business at such a young age has shown me that I can make my own money. They have supported his business since he started, spreading his business through social media and local events. Beau recently traveled Washington, D. Shell also participated in the Main Street Ambassadors program as part of his visit, visiting the U.

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At the gala he was named one of three finalists for the U. Chamber's Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and he won.

With his new store location he hopes to bring in new income, but this store is about more than money: it is an accomplishment. Students may acquire a job for many reasons: wanting extra money to spend on luxuries or for experience in the workforce. Some depend on their jobs for the well-being of their families. The Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA sets wages, hours worked, and safety requirements for minors individuals under age 18 working in jobs covered by the statute.

The FLSA sets 14 years of age as the minimum age for employment, and it limits the number of hours that can be worked legally by minors under the age of The hours add up, and when an individual compares that to how much they spend towards school, it's a bit alarming. For students who work shifts on school nights, the hours and balancing act can be more complicated. On the weekend, I would go straight from one job to the other. Throughout the summer I would work six or seven days a week.

Jammoul succeeded in reaching her educational goals, but experts suggest that she was overdoing it. The Georgia Department of Labor recommends that students work three hours on a school day, but they can be assigned more after the age of Working five hour shifts after school leaves students getting off work late into the night, leaving little time for homework or studying for tests.