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Oh, yes. I paid so much more for my hardback copy several years ago and do not regret its purchase. I give this ebook a rating of 5 out of 5 Regency teacups.

She has also appeared on television as a Jane Austen expert. Like the reissue left this book features a short introduction by Brian Southam and a Jane Austen timeline, and is filled with colored plates and illustrations. Interestingly this reissue was printed and bound in Dubai. The reason I say this is that I found the color in the plates to be brighter.

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Some will like these images over the somewhat more subdued color palate in the other edition. For those who already own the book, this reissue will be the perfect gift for their Janeite friends and relatives. To Enter the Contest : This contest is open only to those who live in the U. Contest closes April 3rd. That contest, open to those who live in the U. Congratulations, Raquel Muniz!

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This post is in honor of Thanksgiving and all the cooks, feminine or masculine, who toil hard in the kitchen to feed their families on this special holiday. Image Jane Austen Cookbook. In , Mrs. Her recipes were simple and came with detailed instructions, a revolutionary thought at the time. Out went French nonsense: no complicated patisserie that an ordinary cook could not hope to cook successfully.

Glasse took into account the limitations of the average middle-class kitchen: the small number of staff, the basic cooking equipment, limited funds. Until Mrs. Glasse wrote her popular cookery book 17 editions appeared in the 18th century , these instructional books had been largely written by male chefs who offered complicated French recipes without detailed or practical directions. Glasse had always intended to sell her cookery book to mistresses of gentry families or the rising middle class, who would then instruct their cooks to prepare foods from her simplified recipes, which she collected.

This same picture appeared in the very first edition of c. The servants in turn would interpret her instructions. Often their mistress had to read the recipes to them, for many lower class people still could not read. But the servant turnover rate was high and often the mistress had to roll up her sleeves and actively participate in the kitchen. Many households with just two or three servants could not afford a mistress of leisure, and they, like Mrs. Austen in the kitchens of Steventon Rectory and Chawton Cottage, would toil alongside their cook staff.

The simple kitchen at Chawton cottage. Image Tony Grant.

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At the start of the 18th century the French courtly way of cooking still prevailed in genteel households. As the century progressed, more and more women like Hannah Glasse began to write cookery books that offered not only simpler versions of French recipes, but instructions for making traditional English pies, tarts, and cakes as well. Compared to the expensive cookbooks written by male chefs, cookery books written by women were quite affordable, for they were priced between 2 s. Hannah Glasse's practical directions for boiling and broiling. Martha Lloyd's recipe for caraway cake written in her journal.

Female authors tended to share their native English recipes in their cookery books. As the century progressed, the content of these cookery books began to change. Aside from printing recipes, these books began to include medical instructions for poultices and the like; bills of fare for certain seasons or special gatherings; household and marketing tips; etc.

Bill of fare for November, The Universal Cook, By the end of the 18th century, cookery books also included heavy doses of servant etiquette and moral advice. At this time plain English fare had replaced French cuisine, although wealthy households continued to employ French chefs as expensive status symbols. In the midth century cookery books that targeted the working classes, such as Mrs. She writes in Jane Austen and Food :.

Austen and her daughters perfectly understood what was going on within them…The fact that their friend and one-time house-mate Martha Lloyd made a collection of recipes to which Mrs. Austen contributed is proof that the processes of cookery were understood by women of their class.

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  • Sir Walter Elliot, of Kellynch-hall, in Somersetshire, was a man who, for his own amusement, never took up any book but the Barontage; there he found occupation for an idle hour, and consolation in a distressed one — Persuasion. But I loved the song they played in the background, by a new Louisiana-based band called the Givers. And you can always find them all at tinyurl. Maybe reading on the Kindle can become a new Christmas tradition! These stories are all available as a free ebooks, on the Kindle or on Project Gutenberg. And at least one of them has been around for almost years!

    Old Christmas by Washington Irving. But he also fathered many of our Christmas traditions.

    The Jane Austen Collection by Jane Austen, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®

    At the age of 29, when he was starting his career in , Irving added five nostalgic Christmas stories to a collection of writing, and for one dream sequence, imagined what would happen if St. Nicholas flew over the forests in a flying sleigh. And the stories had an even greater impact. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

    The book helped to popularize these traditions, though ironically, the story was immediately pirated after Dickens published it, and he realized almost no profits from the story himself! Merry Christmas, Mr. Mark by Nelson Algren. In , it won a National Book Award. But one lucky December, I discovered that you can still read one of its most touching stories online. The year-old novelist remembered being a young newsboy in the s, braving the snows to sell The Saturday Evening Blade at an intersection by the cemetery — and how the newsboys had tried to swindle their customers!

    And for Christmas a couple years ago, they also released one that was specifically designed for the holiday season…. In both those games, users try to form a picture by darkening all the correct squares in a grid, making logical deductions from clues showing the number of squares that need darkening in each row and column. But that just makes it totally engrossing, like a good game of Sudoku. Amazon gave me a dollar! You can buy videos for as little as 99 cents. I like how the credit just instantly appears in your Amazon account just as soon as you complete a qualifying video purchase. I guess I felt like I should take a moment this year to be thankful — and to think about all those people, somewhere around us, who are very thankful for their Kindles.

    And some of those soldiers are now reading on their Kindles, according to stories being shared on the Kindle online discussion forums. Author Edward C. And earlier this month, they received a thank-you e-mail from a medical sergeant named Dakotah Hayes. Ebooks

    Thank you for your support and your generous gifts. She said she would get very overwhelmed by all the words and the size of the book which would make it difficult for her to stay focused. For whatever reason putting the font size up one notch has done the trick! One very special Thanksgiving, I decided to write a funny ebook about turkeys.